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Andrzej Pawłowski | Genesis / Cineforms 

9.10.2013 —  5.1.2014
Museum of Modern Art | Cabinet
By the exhibition of Andrzej Pawłowski, Genesis / Cineforms, the Olomouc Museum of Art extends its activity covering Central Europe. Short-term exhibitions of Hungarian (SEFO III – Hungary, 2010), Slovak art (SEGFOT IV – Slovakia, 2011) or the show of Hungarian (Vasarely, 2007–2008) or Polish artists (Abakanowicz, 2011) presented to the visitors mainly the foreign acquisitions of the Museum, in several careful selected exhibits.

This exhibition of Andrzej Pawłowski’s, Genesis / Cineforms extends the view of experimental beginnings of postwar Polish art, which in a significant way influenced author films, video-art, photography as well as action art and conceptual art in Central and Eastern Europe. The exhibition presents two poles of the work of Andrzej Pawłowski, a versatile artist, teacher, and theoretician, who spent all his life in Cracow, and who is one of the representatives of the neo-avant-garde in Poland. The first part contains his photography, concentrated in the Genesis cycle, a compact conceptual set of photographs, which has an important place in the history of Polish photography.

The second part of the Cineforms exhibition consists of the documentation of his activity in film, on samples of two films shown concurrently, Cineforms 1957 (6.45) and Here and there, 1958 (6.21) – from the album Antologia polskiej animacji eksperymentalnej.


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