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AVIARY No. 1. Silhouette in Contemporary Czech Fashion

27/9/2013 - 18/5/2014

Museum of Applied Arts 

Opening hours:
Wed-Sun: 10-18, Thu: 10-19, Mon, Tue: closed

Date of exhibition opening:
26/9/2013 18:00

Entrance fee: 80/40 CZK, family 170 CZK, group 30 CZK/person

The opening exhibition of the "Aviary" project introduces the work of Czech fashion designers and their approaches to silhouette. A garment defined by its outline becomes a statue, an object; apart from creating the shape of body, it produces new spatial lines of a person and his or her environment, and becomes an active part of urban architecture. In addition, different manners of silhouettes have influenced individual historical eras. The exhibition will sum up current trends in Czech fashion design, as well as contemporary approaches to silhouette.

"Aviary No. 1" will showcase the work of both budding fashion designers and some renowned ones such as Hana Frišonsová, Martin Havel, Zdenka Imreczeová, Pavel Ivančic, Jindra Jansová, Petra Kafka, Ivana Kaňovská, Libor Komosný, Lucie Králová, Zuzana Kubíčková, Denisa Nová, Petra Pluháčková, Jakub Polanka, Radka Sirková and Anna Tušková (Chatty), Antonín Šimon, Lenka Štěpánková, Viktorie Vittori and Hana Zárubová.