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Magdalena Jetelová | (DES)ORIENTATION?  
Projects from 1982–2013
May 30 — October 27, 2013 
Museum of Modern Art | Nave, Salon
The world famous Czech artist and author of conceptual projects Magdalena Jetelová (b. 1946) has created elaborate spatial installations for many prestigious museums and galleries in Europe, the United States or Japan. The Olomouc exhibition shows her projects arising from her direct interest in architecture and a particular place in close relation to human presence. It will also provide a retrospective overview of the artist’s previous work through video documentation as well as her latest works with smoke and its analysis as a symbol in the post-totalitarian state that the artist has been developing in her work since the 1980s. This, only the third individual presentation of Magdalena Jetelová in the Czech Republic, was prepared in the interaction with particular locations in the historically rich building of the Museum of Modern Art.