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operetta soirée
Meeting the kings of operetta by Offenbach Papa


Operetta is a genre of music and drama theater in which alternate music and literature section. Its name can be translated as "little opera". From a musical standpoint of its masterpieces lag behind comic operas, and therefore their quality demonstration are needed opera singers. The dialogs in opera music accompanies (recitative, some parts melodrama), are replaced prose. Like the opera operetta may include ballet insert, but dancing skills are required as well as from individual characters. Funny dance - Singing number operetta known as "couplet". I thus defines operetta clever book. For us, the important fact that it is a popular genre, which we devote our attention and prepare our visitors a pleasant evening spent in the company of famous operetta creators.

Participating in the orchestra and ballet Moravian Theatre Olomouc.

Duration: approx. 1 hour 50 min., 1 break

Operetta Soirée
A meeting of the kings of Operetta at Papa Offenbach

It is a known Fact That French composer Jacques Offenbach hosted a soiree (social evening) at the his residence every week for the his friends in the field. The condition was That Each of the participants Somehow snake to entertain the guests. THUS, the Operetta kings of two generations meet at this soiree. You will hear excerpts from the masterpieces of Jacques Offenbach, Franz Lehar, Johann Strauss and Emmerich Kálmán. This project at the Olomouc Theatre was prepared by Miro Grisa, an actor, singer, dancer and long-term member of the Musical Theatre in Karlin.