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Robert Balogh
Tarzan-king of the jungle
Ballet fairy tale


After an extremely successful titles Simba - the story of the lion king
and Moses - The Prince of Egypt prepares creator Robert Balogh
spectacular and attractive spectacle based on the famous story
Tarzan. The orphan human baby grew up strong
and just king of the jungle. His adventurous life changes
Professor Porter expedition. At the first contact with the people you
Tarzan first realizes that man. In addition, he falls in love
the professor's daughter Jane. However, the game enters the villainous guide
Clayton expedition who wants gorillas deprived of liberty
and in cages is conveniently sell. A popular story full of action,
voltage and love will see a representation of all children Ballet
Studies of the MDO in collaboration with professional dancers.

Duration: approx. 1 hour 40 min., 1 break

Robert Balogh
A fairytale ballet
Following the exceptional success of Simba - a story of the Lion King and Moses - the Egyptian King, Robert Balogh is preparing an epic and attractive spectacle based on the well-known tale of Tarzan. An orphaned human child turned Into a strong and just king of the jungle. His adventurous life is changed by the expedition of Professor Porter. Upon first contact with people, Tarzan That first realizes he is human. Moreover, he falls in love with the Professor's daughter, Jane. Referring to: The Wicked expedition tour guide Clayton comes Into the play. He wants to take freedom away from Them Gorillas and sell for a good price in Their cages. You Can see the popular story full of action, suspension and love Performed by all children of the Ballet Studio of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc in cooperation with professional dancers.