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29th 1 to 17 5th 2015
Museum of Modern Art | Salon, Cabinet

George Solomon is probably the most important Czech illustrator second half of the twentieth century. His outstanding artistic interpretation - among many others - enjoy an Dickens' Pickwick Papers, Sterneův Tristram Shandy or Saroyanův Tracy's Tiger. Although child readers especially love stories Maxidog Fíka, you certainly can not forget the Tolkien's The Hobbit and Cooper's Last of the Mohicans. And there are always also Hofman Pan Tau.

What is Solomon's own regardless of the genre in which it moves is - playfulness, humor, but also the grotesque and expressiveness of expression that deepens rather than obscures gently accented tenderness. The combination of these elements allow him to achieve maximum verbosity, not at the expense illustrated, but in unison with him.

The exhibition at the Museum of Art Olomouc, which prepares students for the author's jubilee, showcasing not only the creation of illustrations with Solomon, but also the film and theater, which undoubtedly belong to the same attention. And though the last named, omissions certainly will not be free graphic creation George Solomon.