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Graphic Studio I | School George Lindovský | Vojtech Pálka and Lenka Falušiová

4th 2 to 16 4th 2015
Museum of Modern Art | Café 87

The exhibition graduate of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and Graphic triple holder of the year Vojtěcha Bats (* 1986) begins with a free series of presentations by students and graduates of graphic Czech schools. In a variant, which will be held in mid-March, in addition to established Bats introduce student studio Jiri Lindovský, Lenka Falušiová (* 1988). While Batting can be associated with social contexts and environments (city, hospital), the second issuing reflects a world away from civilization, the landscape and forest especially Jeseníky. Her subtle graphic prints (bar etching, drypoint) are useful parallel Pálkových seemingly strictly rational, but in fact strongly empathic screens.

Meeting with both authors and closing night gala | vernissage will take place on the occasion of permutations Copyright cycles on Wednesday, 11 March 2015.