Archive: Jan Svoboda


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Become the legend Jan Svoboda (1934-1990) for longer life. Remarkable vizualita the conception of his photos in a row with views on the status of photographs and photographers in the art world hit almost all the key areas of home photos. The younger generation loved liberty as the supreme authority. Resonated with his humanly complex, eruptive and yet shy seeker actual values, in which she found refuge last residues of romantic art history. Strategically important is the fact that freedom respected key theorists and curators of art photography. It was, among other reasons, that his method works presented evidence for the existence of so-called photographic specifics, which was sponsored by the photo, at the time a young, newly started artistic discipline. Jan Svoboda, like his big model Josef Sudek modern, liberal spirit. The idea of photography in keeping with the rules and expectations of existing photographic community, from his perspective was odd. Sometimes, in order to demonstrate reluctance to prevailing convention, he said, "but I'm not a photographer ..." which does not mean that disavowed photographic tradition as such. His eternal philosophical naturel, art training and poetic ambitions were just looking for inspiration outside the field. It was interesting for those who understand photography as an open system, but for amateur instance environment with his conservative ideas were unintelligible.

Exhibition of works, both well-known photographs and exclusive yet unpublished material, which several years ago got into a collection of photos and new media Moravian Gallery in Brno from the estate of Jan Svoboda. The aim of the exhibition concept is to look for modernist facade, Svoboda story. Newly acquired photographs, negatives archive Svoboda and documentary archive, create a context that deprives the author's figure of monumentality and clarity, which, moreover, have lost in terms of present earlier conviction. The exhibition shows the author at work, at moments when things have a number of options. He wants his words to say that for the surface of the photograph are hidden stories that I have other points than we were used to.