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Miroslav Tichý is monothematic, his creative life filled almost completely female. However, there is a media artist, how would following the success of that at home and abroad celebrate his photographs, might seem. In the private world of the Pacific, had an important place alongside photography and painting, drawing and grafika.Fotografie however, attracted more attention to the ability to convincingly evoke the atmosphere of tension between voyeurism and platoničností that podmalovávají author's legend. Quiet was pure being, his physical or suffocation cloister woman actually never had. How, then, to understand his attitude? It is the method? It is an obsession? In repeated returns or manifestations occurring in cycles, is something fundamentally affects humans. In any case, the environmental philosophy of modern society, this phenomenon is somewhat confusing that settles under one roof infinite potential and statism. This creates a classic dilemma, if it is a step forward or spin in a circle, followed by the question, if it is good or špatně.Určitou advantage artists Pacific excavation is that they are solving these puzzles abstract spared. Form because they need it ... But maybe that's just speculation Art unnecessarily giving a strong emphasis on the psychological side of things.