Archive: Václav Stratil: Nedělám nic a jiné práce


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Granting of the Michal Ranný painters, performers and conceptual photographer Stratil '(1950) is a unique opportunity to organize a cross-sectional retrospective of his work so far nezhodnoceného from 1998 - 2015. The exhibition with work and other názvemNedělám nothing prácetak will be the first opportunity to interpret the formation of so-called. "Brno period ".

Brno Stratil came to an offer of teaching positions at the Faculty of Fine Arts University. New professional and life experience quickly rebounded the direction, and the dynamics of its artistic activities. The exhibition at the Moravian Gallery affect ties between Stratil by viewing the theme of identity through performative travesty of a nebulized issue of authorship Stratil developing intensively with students his studio since the beginning of his tenure on the faculty. It will also monitor Stratilean peculiar understanding of postmodernism as releasing character and symbolic systems with which we deal not only freer, but also have to mention the vastness of mental and emotional space of the human personality. The human face is made up of many faces, depending on which one you set.

Imagine Stratil creation of the last two decades means accepting "diversity" and contradictions of his personality. The exhibition at the Moravian Gallery therefore converts a selection of his paintings and photographic cycles in a mutual dialogue. Because Stratil works of the last ten years can be seen as a synthesis, the deeper the attention devoted to the collective visual memory in relation to personal reflection on old age and death. It will also be the first opportunity as well as the arrangement of confusing the artist's archive.

"Brno period" is in many ways the continuous development of copyright positions from the 90th and 80th of the last century. This exhibition period and fails to take into account the continuity in the catalog. Specific interpretive layer will also architectural design of the exhibition by the young Slovak artist Tomas Džadoň.

Part of the project is also next to the exhibition gala I've been famous, in October 2014 dedicated to the life and work Stratil 'and coupled with the announcement of the Michal Ranný announcement of an exhibition in the following year. This is the first event of this kind in the history of prices.