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Exhibition 15/05/2015 - 09/27/2015

KurátorLada Hubatová-Vacková, Martina Pachmanová, Paul Pečinková

Graphic úpravafotografie Ondrej Pribyl, still life arrangement Eva Koťátková

Building Museum of Decorative Arts (Respirium)

Date vernisáže14 / 5/2015 17:00

The exhibition traces the dynamic development of applied arts, applied arts and design in the years 1870 to 1970. Through iconic museum artifacts as well as ordinary utilitarian items reflects not only rapidly alternating fashion and formal styles, but also changes in society and lifestyle. For art industry end of the 19th century is characterized embroidered decorative fan, book with embossed leather and inlaid wardrobe for applied arts modernism efficiently designed kitchen and simple type furniture, for postwar design transistor radio or television.