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15/05/2015 - 09/20/2015

KurátorJindřich Toman, Marta Sylvestrová and kol.autorů

Building Museum of Applied Arts

Date of opening 14.05.2015 18:00

The exhibition presents an important representative of Czech modernist architecture and graphic design.

Currently Zdenek Rossmann despite his international fame known for its focus on graphic design. The aim of the exhibition is to fill the current ignorance of his work demonstrations of a wide selection of works that document the importance Rossmannova position in the Czech interwar avant-garde and modernist international network of graphic designers. The exhibition presents the project area Rossmannovy most striking work in stage design, architecture, typography, poster design and book design, and offers the viewer an insider view of the surprising breadth of range of media, which is engaged in the modernist designer.