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The third year of a successful event called A slightly different ladies night!

Motto: "What did you like the girls wanted to try, but it was not vouchsafed to you ..."

If you thought ladies, that we will forget the traditional "a maintenance reverie", do not panic. A slightly different for ladies with the serial number will be three! Together we dive into the dreams and try to remember what we like little girls wanted what we wanted to be ... a ballet dancer, princess or perhaps a model? only with us you can experience what it is to stand on "peak times" or to dress up fairy dress princesses. For pragmatic of you have prepared traditional inspiration from the world of women's maintenance and beautification. Would you like a massage, new nails or rather actively join in the workshops? You can also experience what it is to have a hair band or if you happen to would not suit rusty hair ... The program is much more, but you also want to surprise.

And finally awaits traditionally grand finale of a fashion show created from clothes and accessories that have donated at the entrance. It is still true that, for one old thing, for the second jewel again, but this time a little differently. The motto is fashion for everyone, whether you have short legs, big ass, or vice versa as long as you line ... at this fashion show will certainly choose. The fashion show will culminate lottery tickets. And what do you play? For example, on a visit to the renowned stylist, winner of many competitions. More will not disclose ...


Be sure to ask what's in it? We are not demanding - redeemable admission is CZK 50 and 5 pieces of clothing that can still make someone happy and you takes place in the cabinet.

Tickets can be purchased online network GoOut here: or right in the center Cooltour


This year the event will be subtitled Baby themselves. The purpose of the party is a great time, leave behind their everyday hardships and pleasures promote joy, fun and education of children in Ostrava. Last year it was interactive wardrobe, this year we want for our children outdoor "game" to help ensure a peaceful and sipping coffee in the hot summer months.

That you action and the emergence of new casinos Board supported, but not in this day can not? It is therefore luck. Do not worry though! Help i can win, even if you fail to participate. If you purchase a ticket online, you will contribute to the creation of a children's playroom and in addition you will also be entered into a draw for a change hairstyle by renowned stylist and other prizes!