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Concert as part of a tour for his new album "Distant Satellites". #metal #rock
In the mid-nineties, Anathema show a tone doommetalové scene and together with bands like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride was one of the main representatives of this style. Some twenty years later, here we have a band but with dramatically different musical faces.

Have gained worldwide attention at the latest in 1995, its second-length album "The Silent Enigma", still one of the brightest jewels of doom Treasury, which is considered a breakthrough. The album hit the zeitgeist, when the metal audience began asking atmospheric band with a balanced dose of melancholy and aggression, hope and despair.

Great acclaim in 2001 garnered album "A Fine Day to Exit" where she Anathema be compared for example with the stars of the British alternative rock scene RADIOHEAD. Significantly there was also reflected influences PINK FLOYD like. The band at this time musically finally arrived.

In the new decade began to stagnate musicians, calm down and slow down. They tried to work the system "do it yourself", spread recordings over the Internet and by contributions from fans preparing new material. Seven years of waiting culminated a great achievement, "We're Here, We're Here Because," which immediately follows "Weather Systems" and the current album "Distant Satellites". It is full of meditative melodies and dreamy atmosphere.


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