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The London team ARCHIVE present Fléda new album!
Star Archive format Fléda perhaps even disembarked. The band will present not only in Brno last project Axiom, but mainly Restriction plate, which was published in January.

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The new album follows the film project group called 'Axiom', which came out this year and got a great critical acclaim - 'Axiom' was selected for the Sundance Film Festival in April 2014, and in live performance came at a sold-out concert at London's Roundhouse and Jazz Festival in Montreux .

In an interview about the new album co-founder Archive Darius Keeler said, "Our goal was to make an album with twelve individual and separate tracks, which all come from one place, but they are also musically diverse and unique."

"One of the things that I love to Archive, is how we can change and evolve with each new album and how we take our fans on this trip. 'Restriction' is another part of this journey, and I already can not wait to share it with the people who are most important to us. "


Tour 'Restriction 2015' will be the largest and most ambitious live production group in its history and in each concert, visitors will have the opportunity to see the film Axiom, which will be screened before the show.

Darius: "Concert performance is very important for the Archive, we strive to make each tour a unique and special, I think that this time the bar very high, I can not wait to show you new fans show!"

This event is organized LEVEL B PRODUCTION, Ltd.