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Hell rock-metal charge brings stellar concerts Serenity and starting bands.
Dark saint on Saturday, 14. 2. 2015 in its festive garb for the seventh sneaks through the streets of Brno and invites its loyal to the club Fleda, where over them stretched his wings and fill their hearts and their ears music, delicious and stormy.

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As headliner will present Austrian group Serenity. The association, led by the charismatic Georg Neuhauser you through the world teskných melodies and passionate and powerful rock and metal rides. Charisma groups recently have greatly expanded the singer Clémentine Delauney, which became a permanent member, and you can see her as Elizabeth Bathory, for example, in the clip, entitled Wings of Madness. Along with Earl George and create a bang compelling and emotionally powerful tandem, whose strength can not imagine until you see it before your own eyes.

At the masquerade mask red death and Babylonian harlot will take you to this decadent night, Brno MISTY WAYS, moving the border expressive symphonic metal with distinctive features and dark rock, which group calls itself moon metal. Ask you a music passionate, dark, chilling and wild, full of expressive vocals and guitar singer Kathryn painting decadent Deriase.
Misty Ways play the best of the very positive award-winning album Train of Lust, which the band released this year, as well as brand new songs to which the group is very proud, and which will show where the cloud journey will proceed further under the cover of shadows. .

On the wave of symphonic and melodic metal with slight death metal podbarvením you home ARCH OF HELL take into hell, and (maybe) back. Ladies melodic vocals alternates screamo and Growl, moody keyboards and guitar riffs fresh promises extraordinary fun. Vocals and instruments are perfectly complementary, rumbles and energy swirls in ecstatic rhythm, referring to the strength of the Nordic metal. Do not be surprised if you invite a frantic dance.

Very sharp and intense pack led by Alexei Bogan practiced a pagan. While the sound and imagery of the band with their darkness and intensity undoubtedly belongs to black metal music Welicoruss also includes traditional folk melodies and symphonic elements. Texts, concepts and ideologies are inspired by the old Russia, Eastern philosophy and transcendental perception of the world. icial

Carpatia CASTLE
Romanian Carpathians and their captivating magic spicy countless tales of nocturnal creatures bent on blood and unable to die like a squib chose many inspirational artist. Whether concerned creator třísnil paper with ink on canvas with oil or watercolor, spun the crank cinematographic apparatus or her feelings swore to strict trellis staves, often from his efforts came impressive work.

Self-appointed exorcist Derias and absinthe minstrel Spars take you on the Sabbath fallen angels, into the realm of wild rhythms and wailing banshees. The combination Sparsova voice, supplies of green poison, which survived the siege of Carthage, dozens Deriasových guitars and electronic toys strange because last year zešel musical experiment in which something happens. Duo, accompanied by other musicians to full-fledged rock assembly, will introduce you to the premiere, some brand new songs, nachystaných especially for this occasion.

Eightfold Pagan (not only) Viking pack, which is run by two contrasting voices - rough masculine growl and passionate female vocals, imbued Balkan temperament and Wiccan force charismatic vocalists. Music In addition to traditional tools also creates a mellifluous sounds of violins and flutes distinctive tones. At the beginning of 2015, the group prepares debut titled "Far Away In North".

The event will also extensive fair, from which the eyes move. Look forward to clothing, jewelry and timburtonovský chocolate shop.
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