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Trench warfare can lead even in the midst of luxurious living room ... Contemporary French comedy.
Yasmina Reza

Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us. 1, , Tickets 150-357 CZK
Author: Yasmina Reza

Translation: Michal Lázňovský
Directed by: Milan Schejbal
dramaturgy: Helena Michková, Ilona Smejkalová
Scene: Catherine Baranowska
Costumes: Catherine Baranowska

Cast February 23, 2015 19:00

Veronika Houlliéová Tereza Groszmannová
Michal Houllié Petr Blaha
Aneta Reilleová Klára Apolenářová
Alan Reille Petr Halberstadt

Eleven year old Ferdinand and his friend Bruno grapple on the playground. Parents of boys meet to the plight of calm and friendly atmosphere solved. This is not about compassionate, educated and sensible people! A single wrong word, a minor discrepancy and resentment will soon unleash a storm in which all the principles of life in a civilized society suddenly receding side. A good intentions them explode in the hands of a homemade fireworks. The spiritual struggle: it can be bloody battle as a war of attrition can lead even in the midst of luxurious living room! ... Excellent bittersweet comedy that within each of us lies dormant selfishness, aggression and desire to stick to the other fist, written by the contemporary French playwright Yasmina Reza. The story, known from the film version directed by Roman Polanski, was translated into many languages and successfully passed the world stage, Czech and Moravian scene is no exception. The production Milana Schejbal not only builds on situational comic, but especially great acting performances leading members of the drama ensemble.

The performance is not suitable for viewers under 15 years old. Premiere: March 21, 2014, Mahen Theatre. Running time: 1 hr. 35 min