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Don Giovanni
Everything for your guilt is not enough.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Janáček Theatre - Roosevelt 1-7 Saturday, February 21, 2015 in 17.00-20.00hod. Tickets 380-650 CZK

Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
conductor: Ondrej Olos, Marko Ivanović
Director: Bruno Berger-Gorski
Scene: Daniel Dvořák
Costumes: Marie Blažková
Conductor: Pavel Koňárek
Assistant Director: Otakar Blaha
choreography: Hana Litterová

Cast February 21, 2015 17:00

Don Giovanni - Roman Janál
Leporello - Jan Juice
Commander - Jevhen Šokalo j. H.
Masetto - Tomas Šelc
Donna Anna - Anda-Louise Bogza
Donna Elvira - Daniela Straková-Šedrlová
Zerlina - Marta Reichelová
Don Ottavio - Aleš Briscein j. H.
Performance Conductor: Marko Ivanović

Build prostopášného seducer Don Giovanni - Don Juan, rebels against the human and divine orders with an insatiable desire for love, was compiled many writers and composers, but it was Mozart's opera, which ensured her immortality. The work, which is known as "opera of operas" marked the climax of the opera style of Mozart's time and became the starting point for a new drama school. Just as in any other part of the Mozart and da Pontemu managed to combine elements of the grotesque with downright tragic. Music brings a passionate aria with masterly sophisticated musically dramatic recitatives and unique solutions ensembles. Of all the Mozart operas Don Giovanni is of greatest debates, disputes and search staging interpretations. The sight of him during the century changed from the baroque dramma Giacosa through commedia dell'arte to romantic and enlightened view of Giovanni as a hero and a libertine. Undeniable merits to produce exceptional work has Praha, from whence they came after the success of The Marriage of Figaro order for a new opera, and where in 1787 at the Estates Theatre Don Giovanni first came out. And for even the very presence of Casanova. Indeed, intellectual kinship between Giovanni and Casanova is not accidental ...

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Malinovského náměstí 571/1, 602 00 Brno