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As another cycle classic of cinema Vatra will be presented in one Saturday, February 14
of the world's most famous operas - punished rake or Don Giovanni.
This two-act drama by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which was first mentioned in
1787 in Prague, is since its inception, is still on the agenda of the most famous opera houses. At the cinema
Vatra will have fans of the genre an opportunity to see a new record processing, which
was taken at the Salzburg Festival in July 2014. Under the baton of Christoph
Eschenbach (National Symphony Orchestra USA) and directed by Sven-Eric Bechtolf (director
Festival) starring Italian baritone appeared Ildebradno D'Arcangelo.
The Salzburg Festival is a music and theater festival, held since 1920
every summer in the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is one of the largest global events
its kind that participate in the world's best artists.
Thanks to modern technology brings a classic of cinema Vatra viewers the best scenes in the world
high picture and sound quality. Each transmission or recording is captured large quantities
cameras and the viewer can explore the famous stage and performers from different angles and details.
An exception are not even peek behind the scenes and background that are hidden ordinary spectators.
Opera in foreign languages are accompanied with Czech subtitles.
Detailed information about upcoming events will be posted on and printed materials cinemas and Culture House Vsetin.