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House of Culture together with the Vsetin Vsetin band Ascendancy invite the Friday, February 13
2015 from 20.00 hours to all fans of heavy music at an event called Melody Metal
Night. There will band of Zlin region, who have completed extensive experience
s touring across the country and offer quality performances.

"On home ground of the small hall in the Vsetín House of Culture we invited bands and Power 5
Neutral whose members are our good friends, they make amazing music and their
Concert performances are totally professional and world class, "said vocalist
Ascendancy Ivan James.
A young band from Neutral Topolná, melodic power metal, already lean over its short
history shine on big festivals such as Master of Rock, or as an opening act bands Arakain,
Tublatanka, or Kreyson world Magnum. Their music can be heard on radio,
which only proves their popularity and uniqueness.
Ascendancy concert band toured the whole country and can be proud of, for example,
joint tour with Arakain with which they played 27 concerts and did not miss Vsetin.
"It was a great experience and a unique experience. Follow professionals in action, to be part of
something so big was fantastic. Even the band members Arakain us so popular that
invited us to a concert to celebrate their thirty-year anniversary in Prague, where we
obeyed five thousand spectators. To appear before such an audience with musicians succeed
maybe once in a lifetime, "said Ivan.
The last band will protruding from Brumova Power 5, which is the mainstay of Czech rock and
metal scene. Our Czech sung melodic power metal presented not only on giant
festivals such as the Masters of Rock, Night full of stars or Trnkobraní, but also opened for
foreign international stars such as Helloween, Accept, UDO, Kreator and many others.
"We would like to invite you to the concert and those who do not go to concerts often. Therefore, it will organize
in the House of Culture, where smoke, there is a pleasant environment for the students and dignified
Conditions for the band, "said singer Ivan.
Do not miss the bands that represent our region and whose names are known all over
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