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Viktor Ullmann
The Fall of the Antichrist

Opera in three acts by sketch Albert Steffen

In 1928 was a dramatic sketch apocalypse 20th century Fall of the Antichrist Swiss writer and pen anthroposofa Albert Steffen. Visionary and prophetic work became in 1935 the eponymous opera libretto by Viktor Ullmann, Prague's German-Jewish composer, a pupil of Arnold Schoenberg and anthroposofa to October 18, 1944 tragically perished in Auschwitz. Opera Fall of the Antichrist is multi-layered, synesthetic, an apocalyptic vision of the government of the Regent, who claims rid humanity of dependence on nature and the "divine power".

Regent (prototype Hitler) imprisons technique, artists and priests. Technik succumb to its temptations and construct a spaceship, which is to tie the power of the sun. The priest begins work on a new cult, which has the stones to synthesize bread, and the artist should celebrate regents work and eternal "peace." The artist, however, in the dungeon through the suffering of body experiences a ritual initiation, the unification of microcosm and macrocosm. Utters occult "Ich bin" and examine the true nature of the dictator and tyrant, whose impending triumph alternates drone collapsing spacecraft. Regent is revealed as the Antichrist and his fall to the ground sweeps away the stars. All three go hand in hand (+ science + art = religion anthroposophy) go like brothers.

Staging shows in the original German with Czech subtitles. Duration: approx. 2 hours 15 min.

Olomouc productions will be the first to stage performing Fall of the Antichrist in the Czech Republic (the original version) and will be given on the day of the 70th anniversary of the tragic death of the author directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský.