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Roman Vencl & Michaela Doleželová

Where is the humor, there is hope

Direction and Design:
Roman Vencl, Michaela Doleželová

Zita Hermanová: Vlasta Hartlová
Johana Geršlová: Ivana Plíhalová
Elizabeth Svobodová: Vendula Purple

Spa room may not sound like a good place for comedy, but the opposite is true. Three women, which would bring together, have recently been exposed to life-turning moments and now faces a difficult task - to learn to live new lives. Apart from this fact, however, have nothing in common. Each of them belong to another generation, each has its own story and each must cope with different life situations. And it is the humor that keep us afloat in the most difficult situations and helps him overcome the worst obstacles. The queens are tragicomedy full of genuine humor, from which it sometimes freezes up in the back.

After an extremely successful comedy When he goes out comes the author-director duo Michael Dolezelova and Roman Vencl the game from the Czech environment that will surprise, entertain and maybe even touching. The performance, accompanied by beautiful music singer Radůza is a unique field of activity for the three actresses, three queens, which are Vlasta Hartlová, Ivana Plíhalová and Vendula Purple.

Music playing in theaters.
Duration: approx 1 hr. 20 min., No intermission