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Pierre Carlet de Marivaux

sensual comedy
Two pairs of children were educated separately at the castle in the woods, and so they do not have too much contact with the outside world. And all that during their meeting showed how it is with the age-old question of constancy in love. He was the first unfaithful Eve Adam or Eve to Adam? Late favorite comedy classic French playwright is a reality show in the Rococo style. This is the first introduction of Pierre de Marivaux onstage Olomouc Theatre; the ensemble drama staged by Slovak director Michal text Spišák that the Moravian Theatre Olomouc staged productions Amazon.

26.1 Monday 19: 00hod.
30.1 Friday 19: 00hod.
9.2 Monday 19: 00hod.
15.2 Sunday 16: 00hod.

Duration: approx 1 hr. 20 min., Playing without a break.

Translation: Markéta Machačíková Tereza Včelicová
Director: Michal Spišák
Dramaturgy: Markéta Machačíková
Designed by: Diana Strauszová
Music selection: Michal Spišák

Hermione: Vladimir Včelná
Prince: Petr Kubes
Caris: Vlasta Hartlová
Mesra: Jaroslav Krejci
Egle: Vendula Purple
Azor: Tomas Krejci
Adina: Lenka Kočišová
Mesrine: Jan Ťoupalík