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Lenka Dusilová BAROMANTIKA

On Friday 6 February at 19.00 hours will be hosting a small hall Vsetin Culture House Lenka
Dusilova, unmistakable and unforgettable singer Czech music scene.

Multiple singer of LENKA DUSILOVÁ meantime tour leaves at home
Baromantiky on a series of solo performances. Only with the help of voice, guitar and preserve boxes you
performs its repertoire with an emphasis on recent works (current album In the hour of death) and
TRACK essence.
Come and visit our unique island at the confluence of the rivers music, around which it boils. Look forward to you
Eternal Seeker Dusilenka with a voice that can not be mis-.
Tickets have gone from 15 January in the cinema Vatra - 170Kč, the day of the event - 220Kč.

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