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Rooseveltova 31/7, 657 70 Brno
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Family opera expedition.
Marko Ivanović (1976)

libretto: Petr Forman, Radek Maly, Ivan Arsenjev
Author: Marko Ivanović
Conductor: Marko Ivanović, Ondrej Olos
Director: Petr Forman
Scene: Matej Forman, Andrea Sodomková
Costumes: Andrea Sodomková
Choreography: Veronika Švábová
Lighting Design: Dáda Nemecek
Conductor: Pavel Koňárek
dramaturgy: Ivan Arsenjev
Assistant Director: Otakar Blaha

Enchantia is the realm of mythical and fantastical creatures whose existence is documented for many years. First discussed at some length about her almost forty years ago a British explorer, naturalist and author Gerald Durrell (1925-1995) in his book The Talking Parcel. Portrayed in her way into this strange land inhabited by fantastic creatures and monster, animals and critters grow unusual trees and flowers incredible shapes and colors, and where there are special laws of nature, which invented - or rearranged - Magician Hengist Hannibal Velebobule. Secret entrance to this amazing empire had appeared in the Greek mountains, where, according to ancient mythology, these fascinating creatures once lived. In 2009 created an independent team of explorers and scientists led by the mythologists Marko Ivanović and brothers Peter and Matthew Forman looking into Enchantia input. With great fanfare when they found him in the basement "Golden Chapel" in Prague. And now something tells us that perhaps even more fantastic world will be discovered in Brno ...

The first expedition: February 6, 2015 in Janáček Theatre

"National Theatre Brno thank the National Theatre for consent to the use of musical material."

"Enchantia opera was produced by the National Theatre in Prague."

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Rooseveltova 31/7, 657 70 Brno