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Irish dance show - Love in Flames

Dance ensemble Merlin

ynamická dance show dance delight fans of all ages, but not only them ... The current story in which the tender love pitfalls facing the modern world, takes place in the backdrop of stunningly beautiful original Irish music. As it has in fairy tales, love and goodness will prevail and evil is justly punished.

Characteristic musical rhythm, dance breathtaking virtuosity dancers and well-coordinated set of quality, refined footwork and captivating Irish step, everything is full of positive energy, emotion and joy of life - the ingredients that in today's hectic times, all seeking. The atmosphere of the program impressively accentuate the dress costumes and spectacular lighting design, which effectively complete the perfect artistic experience of performances.

Magnificent project full of Irish dance, tap dance, captivating music, lighting effects and costume disguises for all ages audience. Dance ensemble Merlin Slovakia will introduce a new program IRISH DANCE SHOW - Love In Flames.
Duration: approx 1 hr. 20 min.