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Jaromír Kincl
Reed and his pond

Theatre Scene Zlín

Behind the dense fog so that could be cut is Brcalnik pond. At first glance may seem quite ordinary, but on the other you will find that there strange things happen. He lives there because Rákosníček. Cute green leprechaun bursting with ideas. Expressions with us into his world full of playfulness, humor and songs and visit with us for Rakosnicek.

Duration: 60 min. without a break

Directed by: Janka Ryšánek-Schmiedtová

     Reed: Peter Hoffmann or Václav Hanzl
     Fairy Julia, Goldfish
     Žabička, Wind: Barbara Gross
     Sun, Cancer Highwayman
     Carp: Jan Janča or Petr Ťopek