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Ensemble Convergence

Festival Opera Schrattenbach
Tue | 9. 12. | 19.00 hours |

Besední hall

T. bat Štochl O., M. Plachká.

During the ten years of existence Composers Association Convergence is formed ensemble convergence. Performers are top players, mostly graduates of the academy of music and composers themselves. This combination creates a symbiosis, which significantly increases the opportunities ahead of the whole ensemble. Currently, he has made dozens of premier artists from around the world (A. Breier, G. Toro-Pérez, G. Crumb, Takemitsu T., K. Saariaho, J. Ullmann, H. Barton, PZ Novak, M. Kopelent ...). File in addition to its own concert series performs well in domestic and foreign venues and festivals. Ensemble Konvergence among respected chamber ensembles of contemporary music scene. Since 2006 it cooperates with Czech Radio.