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.-.! & Boys, who 'like to play with dolls
Wednesday, December 17 19:00
Adam Eduard Orszulík & Tereza Ondrová, Peter Saul Contemporary dance New Stage

Choreography: Eduard Adam Orszulík

Dancers: Barbora Rokoszová, Elizabeth Pokorná, Adam Eduard Orszulík

Speaks: Aneta Kernová

Often used by many thoughtful and clever words to the choreography or the project had raised a deep meaning or idea, which examines and then presented on stage. Choreogrefie has called .-.! is senseless. It does not solve any current situation or problems that presented. This is a coincidence that at a given moment to impress our senses. I try to make no showing was not the same. I try to have every opportunity to dance "premiere". My goal is to entertain the audience and enjoy the time spent on the stage!

P.S. The only thing that makes sense is the name.

Boys, who 'like to play with dolls

Concept, choreography and dance: Tereza Ondrová, Peter Saul

Light design: Jiří Hajdyla

The company us from childhood instilled gender stereotypes. Pink is for girls, cars for boys, girls play with dolls and boys do not cry. Gender - the sexuality of personality - is much more than a biological phenomenon (as is the case with sex) social phenomenon. The essence of what it means being a man or a woman, not based solely on the amount of estrogen or testosterone in the body, but is the result of a substantial degree of social influence or decision, education, socialization process.

Accept the invitation to the fantasy world in which the male and female principles need not be the same as man and wife. Creative meeting of two distinctive choreographers and performers who met on a successful project Much More Than Nothing. Movement and dance in this project becomes a means for expressing the contrast between the expression of body and soul, between genetic givens and social prejudices in an attempt to challenge the various social stereotypes and look at the subject of gender purely physically.


in advance: 150, - / 120, - student / 90 - student JKGO

on the spot: 200, - / 160, - student / 140, - student JKGO