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Fire costumes, songs or passion Flowers not only in the herbarium

or Kroj fire, passion songs

The whole cultural world this year reminded 160th anniversary of the birth of composer, original and quirky modernist Leos Janacek. At the National Theatre Brno will be presented on December 3 program dedicated to the inspiration and passion of Leos Janacek folk music, unique Janacek and the collection and editing folk songs.

Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us. 1

Tickets: 240-400 CZK

The evening consists of a program that won two awards at this year's International folklore festival in Strážnice, as well as examples of quirky program Horňácko festivities in Great Velickou, ie from a region whose Janáček valued above others ("The most important center for the pure style of folk music Slovácku is unopposed Great town. Places like I did not recognize the importance still in Wallachia nor Lachia. In Great bradatý Martin Zeman, plum and hudec Trn, bagpipes, violin and cimbalom - it was my paradise student! Tu probably caught the roots of Jenufa. .. ").

At the concert will be music and soloists from Horňácko Lachia, Birch, parties, Slovak Terchová quartet George hurried Horňácká dulcimer music Petra balls and singer Veronica Malatincová.

    During the evening will be 86 years after the death of Janacek's world premiere composition neglected folk legends Oh, Maria went to church in the morning, he enrolled at the Janáček Hukvaldy in the early nineties of the 19th century. Later, it provided the accompaniment on the keyboard while her musical motifs developed into a small composition, which remained forgotten in the manuscript. In Brno, will premiere in bringing pianist Dusan Holy ml., Acting in Holland.

Among the soloists will appear legends of folk culture as Beata Bocek, Catherine Gorčíková Dusan Holy, Martin Hunchback, Janíček Pavlik

Prepared by: Jarmila Procházková, George Plocek, Petr Micka, Bretislav Rychlik, Plum Production, producer Monika Rychlíková

Directed by: Bretislav Rychlik

The Concert took rector Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts Ivo Medek.