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Dagmar Hochová 1926/2012


It's probably few women photographers that the public liked as much as Dagmar Hochovou.Její career was mainly in the 50s and 60s professionally associated with image logs oriented so. Humanistic photography. That is probably why it is now perceived as a photographer of children. Objectively speaking, however, such a distorted picture. Photographic Archive Hochová Dagmar, who won the Moravian Gallery in 2013do his property, showing the personality of the author and her work comprehensively. A significant portion of their images is focused on cultural events of a political nature. Intellectual and artistic elite, themes connected with national identity or break moments of our historie.Děti are undoubtedly an important part of her professional profile, but as we know, neither alone Hochová sticker photographer loved children too, because it felt simplification zabavující her shooting dimension Committed witness time.

     12/19/2014 - 03/29/2015
     Jiří Friday
     Museum of Decorative Arts (Camera)
Date of opening
     18/12/2014 17:00