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Michaela Doleželová, Roman Vencl

Do Husbands theater violin Helena and Jan Lex celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the joint marital life. On that occasion he arranged a romantic dinner and remind yourself together and happy moments - the introduction, first date, first birth, but also infidelity ... At the same time, the typical discrepancies regarding the education of children, household organization, stereotype, and other everyday and classical problems. Spectator and together with them experiencing him well-known partner life situations, which are addressed in this production with grace, ease and humor typical of the theater to the violin. Both actors are so during the game reincarnated not only do the characters of John and Helen, but also to the character of their children, Mrs. primaries best friend of John's, delegate travel agencies and others. Everything culminates in fulfillment of an ancient promise, which certainly would not leave any viewer cold ...

In 2007, this production was presented at the Festival GRAND laughter in Pardubice, which annually presents the best comedy incurred for the expired theater season.

Starring: Michael Dolezelova a Roman Vencl

Running time: 50 minutes without intermission

Written and directed by Michael Dolezelova a Roman Vencl

Light and sound: Marek Příkazký