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Dášeňka or dog pieces

no | 30. 11. | 16.00 hours

music Theatre
Husa, Brno

Podvraťácké fairy tales for weighted pudlikum. How Karel and Olinka made puppy. How he learned to walk, bark and other dog pieces. Just fun for all the good-money. It will Ste-something! Come, it's "Husky".

Dášeňka or dog pieces - Woof! won the June 15th edition of the festival in Long Child Award Vojty cup. Jiri Jelinek and Agnes Kubátová also praised the jury of the prestigious festival Mateřinka for writing, directing and acting. 62. On Puppet Chrudim, not competition, won the hearts of audiences at least productions. On the 23rd branch parade puppet theaters Flew Over the Puppeteer's Nest Theatre Minor won Dášeňka Erik prize awarded to the best puppetry production referred to in the previous season.

On motives Karel Capek wrote, directed and played by Jiří Jelinek and Agnes Kubátová.
Music: Zdeněk Král
Lyrics: Alexej barks
Dramaturgy: Lucie Němečková
Scene and puppets: Petra Jiránková
Costumes: Josef and Karel fundus

For children 3 years of age.
The performance lasts 60 min.
Length fabulous workshop 45-60 minutes.

Admission: 70,