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Da Pacem Domine - music předbělohorských Bohemia across the confessions

Saturday, December 6, 2014 19:00.

Ostrava - Centrum, St. Vaclav


     Jan Sixt from Lerchenfelsu (ca 1550-1629) - Bataglia di Praga
     Benešovský Hymnal (1574-1596) - merrily sing
     Johann Woltz (1550-1618) - Toccata Primi Toni
     Cantionale Prachaticense (1610) - Kyrie primum
     Giovanni Andrea Cima (1580-1627) - Sonata and 4
     Žaltář Dačice Writers (1618) - Psalm I, Beatus vir qui non
     Eustach du Caurroy (1549-1609) - Premiere Fantasie
     Arnolt Schlick (ca 1455-1521) - Maria Zart Art Edler von
     Krystof Harant (1564-1621) - Maria Kron
     Salomone Rossi (ca 1570-1630) - Sonata in DIALOGO detta la Viena
     Carl Luython (? 1556-1620) - Fuga Suavissima
     Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594) - Magnificat di Aria di un SONET
     Jan Trajan Turnovský (ca 1550-1606) - For all faithful Christians

Performed by:

     Capella ornament
     :: Richard Seda, artistic director


     CZK 150, - Full price
     CZK 100, - Reduced admission (seniors, students, disabled)

An integral part of the music of the Renaissance and early Baroque was called. Ornamentation, which in practice means that each party dozdobovaly vocal compositions according to their nature. This style dominated cornets and trombones, along with bringing in elite files and thanks to the vocal nature of their sound became equal partners singers. Players cink, in the 16th and 17th centuries admired and very popular tool, were sought after stars. Game of the woodwind instrument with a magic timbre is in fact extremely difficult.

Project Capella ornament, consisting mainly of Czech sources, is aimed at European tradition of famous literary brotherhoods and music at the royal courts in the Czech lands. Some compositions have not been presented to the Czech public. Among other things, pay attention to the musicians and personalities Krystof Harant, whose 450th anniversary of his birth in 2014 to commemorate. Their interpretations of songs from the Czech hymn book or Graduals a motet then current denominational in Czech, Latin and German offer domestic audience still unusual chord cornetto, trombone and vocals.

Organizer concert cycle The Four Seasons: St. Wenceslas Music Festival Association