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The final evening of competition Vsetínský film frgál 2014

On Sunday, December 7th place in cinema Vatra final full evening program, lottery ballots on prices, which closes the first competition Vsetínský film frgál for the most popular spectator Czech film.

Vsetínský film frgál aims to stimulate interest in emerging and first-Czech films. The competition to be involved every moviegoer Vatra aged 18, who bought a ticket to any of the new Czech films, marked by the logo competition.

The first semi-annual draw of 2014 took place on 7 June, when within Vsetín Frgala film was screened 11 new Czech films, which were attended by a total of more than 3000 spectators. Of all the valid ballot papers then were drawn 15 spectators, among which were distributed free movie tickets, DVDs, promotional items, but also be a social game Czech film or a voucher for a balloon sightseeing flights.

Not otherwise it will be at the closing ceremony on Sunday, December 7, which starts at 17.00 in cinema hall Vatra. After a brief introduction and evaluation of the whole year's competition will follow the announcement of the winning film for the most popular Czech film Vsetínské audience, which, according to Interim information was the film The Three Brothers. In the second half of the year prize draw will again be allotted to 15 winners from the audience, participating in the competition. Will be followed by a break with frgálovým banquet of different flavors in the foyer of the cinema. For the youngest will be for announcing the results and Prize Draws prepared in the foyer art workshop: Film coloring books and puzzles and manufacture custom movie poster. From 18.00 o'clock cinema will be screening alone winning Czech film The Three Brothers.

Admission: adults 50 CZK, children free.

Detailed information about the competition and closing ceremony, visit the