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Papageno plays the magic flute
Where are gone but Papageno ...?

Eberhard Streuli (1941)
Reduta Theatre, Theatre Hall - Vegetable Market 4

Admission: 60-100 CZK

Music arrangement: Ondrej Olos
Directed by: Tomas Pilar
Scene: Lucie Halgašová
costumes: Lucie Halgašová
dramaturgy: Patricia Částková
assistant director: Barbara Hamalová
author: Eberhard Streuli

Performance Conductor: Ondrej Olos

Piano Ondrej Olos, Daša Briškárová

Celeste Galina Aleskevich, Milada Březinová

The soldier flute Michal

Premiere November 25, 2011 at the Theatre Reduta

Children's projects are a very important part of the repertoire of the Janáček Opera. After a series of successful workshops for children and youth prepares file for opera performances this season Papageno plays the magic flute designed specifically for the youngest audience. The author is a contemporary German film director and screenwriter Eberhard Streuli (1941), who in 1980 at the National Theatre in Mannheim edited Mozart's Magic Flute into a child's performance. Accompanied by cheerful bird catcher Papageno pass the kids love story of Prince Tamino and Pamina beautiful. Help free the captured Pamina and Papagena, of course, get the Papagena. Opera, which in Germany is celebrating great success in the Czech Republic listed first. The director is a young director and set designer Tomas Pilar, who this year finished studying opera direction at JAMU very successful production of Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin.