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La Dafne
Where to combine the old with the new, laurel shrub grows ...

Tomas Hanzlik (* 1972), Vit Zouhar (* 1966)

Mozart Hall - Vegetable Market 4

Libretto: Ottavio Rinuccini, Rocc
Author: Tomas Hanzlik, Vit Zouhar
conductor: Ondrej Olos
Directed by Rocc
Scene: Rocc
costumes: Rocc, Vendula Johnová
Movement: Stefan Capko
Assistant Director: Otakar Blaha
dramaturgy: James Kruliš

Theorbo - Jan Čižmář, Mark Kubat, Richard Fault
Cello - Joseph Key
Positive organ - Ondrej Olos

La Dafne is generally considered the first opera in history. It was founded in 1598 in Florence circle of artists that met in the palace of Count Corsiho. Original Music of Jacopo Peri and Jacopo Corsiho was not preserved, only a libretto based on the myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses remained complete until our times. Group of contemporary artists working under the name "postopera. form "(composers Vit Zouhar and Tomas Hanzlik, director and artist Rocc), inspired the idea of groups Corsiho recovery of ancient drama, tried to free the reconstruction of this work, which was mentioned in Brno in the world premiere. Coauthor Tomas Hanzlik for the work says: "Vit Zouhar are set to music for several Baroque opera libretto placed at the beginning of the 18th century in Moravia. The idea to replant this concept (compose operas to librettos are lost music) into the global context was Dr Rocca, who then himself went to Venice for the original printing of the libretto. "In the magical candlelight entering singers with an ancient tale of unrequited love god Apollo to a beautiful nymph Daphne directly between spectators ...