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MOVE fest: Faith
Wednesday, November 12 19:00
contemporary dance
new Stage

When the belief in art stronger than life

Miřenka Chekhov and Andrea Miltnerová in dance and artistic performances on the loss of faith in art, which replaced the life, the inability to stop and inability to stay. The beauty of decay, violence drill, the unbearable present and the past, which always catches up with us.

What does it mean when a person is committed to some higher elusive entity, when the artist devoted to art so that it becomes his life's purpose, faith, religion. Can someone take faith? What if you lose faith in art? Epiphany in blinding emptiness, the gray shallow reality.

"The source of inspiration for me was the documentary story of the National Theatre prima ballerina Tatiana Juřicová who committed suicide and who taught me at the Prague Conservatory, when I went through a critical period of adolescence. Her story and fate in me still resonates and parallels that intersect both our lives scares me . From the moment of understanding, deep personal crisis and the natural cycle in which death is a mere part, based on this performance. "(Miřenka Chekhov)

After the presentation will be discussion with the performers.

The performance is part MOVE fest Ostrava in 2014, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Ostrava.