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Night theaters in 2014

On Saturday, November 15, 2014 in more than ten European countries opened the theater public, who will have the opportunity to experience and try out what ordinary theater programs do not offer. In the preparation of the second edition of Night of the theaters involved more than one hundred Czech and Moravian files. A varied program prepared by the Moravian Theatre Olomouc (MDO) that during the afternoon and the evening will include a staged reading, a concert in the foyer of the theater, but also the opportunity to shoot with actors in costumes.

"Night of the theaters is the type of event that the Czech cultural environment was lacking and that goes towards the audience in many ways. This year we would like to programmatically focused on Czech music, theme, thanks to the Year of Czech Music, which, like Night theaters coordinates the Art Institute - Theatre Institute, "said institute director Pavel Petrov.

Program MDO starts already 15 pm with a reading. Vendula Purple, Lenka Kočišová, Tomas Krejci, Jan Ťoupalík and other members of the drama introduces the game of the young French playwright Samuel Gallet Communiqué no. 10. "It's one of the current text, which is worth the attention of viewers, because force us to think about the problems and great themes present in a personal, social and even political, "said Margaret Machačíková dramaturge file. A major attraction will be the opportunity to shoot with artists from 18 hours so those interested can in the foyer of the theater Snapshot with Vendula "Maryša" Violet and Peter "Hamlet" Kubes. The main point of MDO will show Rusalka. Famous Dvorak's opera on the stage end up being a non-traditional dance rendition. After the performance begins in the foyer of the concert band Wedding Band, takes a turn at the microphone members drama and ballet. In addition they will also be representatives Theatre in tatters and Theatre Tramtarie.