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November 7, 2014

INPUT: 250 - / spot 290 -
START: 20:00

Music set of beautiful, witty, young, wealthy and intelligent men, who says Wohnout, publishes eight regular album with the equally intelligent and witty name faster than cream puffs and cream horns.

Fifteen wonderful song with great lyrics and harmonies weave first-class virtuoso performances of brilliant musicians who are not afraid to be modest in public presentation. "We wanted to do the songs concise and understandable, no intellectual outbursts between the lines, or instrumental orgy. From big selection of complete songs we chose those which together sounds as a whole, it made us happy, "commented John Homola new cd.
The article is hosting musical concepts such as Vojta Bench, Xavier Baumaxa or, Marek Eben. Classical CD and digital distribution will complement sales of the album on a flash card or vinyl.
Faster than cream puffs and cream horns are plate, which is not so sweet as its name says, but is not unpleasantly sour, bitter or foul. It's just the way she should be. Available from 26/09

This event is organized LEVEL B PRODUCTION, Ltd.