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Princess with a golden star on her forehead

Theatre Company Julie Jurištové

A classic fairy tale with songs on the themes of Bozena Nemcova. The plot takes us into the kingdom of King Dobroslava, whose only daughter of Princess Lada just celebrated eighteenth birthday. You visit the cumbrous spoils spoiler king who reigns in the neighboring country and forcing Ladu, to become his wife. Lada has spoilers from the evil of father's kingdom to flee and seek fortune far from home. In doing so, it appears the deceased mother and gives her advice to be disguised as a poor girl in fur mice. When Lada in mouse fur finally hits the lock sympathetic prince Radovan, working there in the castle kitchen. She secretly sneaks to the prom prince and prince enchant. But his identity hidden until the moment Kazisvět to attack and Radovan Radovan understand that unknown princess, into which he fell in love at the ball, his own kuchtičku a wedding already doing.

Director: Dana Bartůňková
Costumes: Dana Pražáková
Music: Radim Linhart

Starring: Aneta Krejčíková / Martina Mack, Julie Jurištová, Gustav Hašek / Jiri Krejci, Milan Duchek, Radovan Snítil / Josef Love.

Duration: about 65 minutes without intermission