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Choreographic Studio IV.
The evening created for young children, or DEBUT.

In the evening, created by young youth
Reduta Theatre, Theatre Hall - Vegetable Market 4
Tickets: 60-100 CZK

NDB Ballet under new management Mária Radačovského continues the interrupted series of choreographic studios, as well as the previous ones will be listed in the Reduta Theatre. These choreographic workshops are a great tool and an opportunity to discover and nurture a new generation of choreographic talents, whose mission is to revitalize and enrich existing choreographic environment and in the future even take a leading position in the field and be competitive with the current leaders. Abroad, this practice is quite common, and after all the positive results of workshops are also tangible in our theater. Two of the three creators of our last prime minister Game Over, Mark Lance and Adam Sojka, gained his experience just to previous years choreographic studios. Ballet NDB state in November choreographic creations of young dancers file, which in itself had the courage and ambition to showcase their creative potential in the short choreographies. Come and see the new generation of young filmmakers!

You are cordially invited!