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Bright Noodles
PIPES & Pints

October 16, 2014

INPUT: 290 - / 340 in place, -
START: 20:00

Premiere links leading Czech and Slovak bands, only five cities plus extra bagpipes and kilts commando. This will look like the October cord concerts, which sets out the popular Slovak band Bright Noodles with one of the largest Czech discoveries, punk-rock group Pipes and Pints. It not only boasts an original tattooed frontman and American bagpipe player, but also a statue of the Angel of the genre.

Bright Noodles (sk)

Pipes & Pints

The joint tour will also be the last chance to see live Horkýře Slíže before the scheduled six-month pause. So with Pipes and Pints, who after the October concert close to the studio to work on a new album and will return to the stage in May 2015, four-hour energetic performances of both bands that promise the best cross-section of your playlists, start the Brno BOY blending raw punk rock influenced by British bands of the eighties. Under whose latest album Visions Darkest signed as a producer Tommy manboy of the legendary band Turbonegro.

"When we first saw the band live Pipes and Pints, we fell in love with their concept of a more traditional punk. In preparation for the tour, we reached further and did not even interact. For example, I saw our frontman Kuka as you secretly selects on the internet tattoo parlor, apparently inspired by singer Mike of Pipes, who has Kerk in eighty percent of his body, "he says with a smile Bright Noodles drummer Marek Viršík.
Both groups according to him, immediately fell into music in the studio. Work on the common track Open Road, which is already in its playlist began deploying some Czech Radio, said he was ready for a few hours.

New song indeed sounds as the current tour. Thanks to him on the stage show, both bands at one point at a time. "It will be vygradování the entire concert. The song is about the life of musicians on tour and boldly combines wit blob with poetry Pipes, "says vocalist and bagpiper Pipes & Pints Vojta Kalina.

According to concert promoter Petra Fořt bring bagpipes bagpipes & TOUR musical connection, that there's not. "Slíže together with Pipes and Pints addition reviving twenty years after the division of Czechoslovakia and relationships between musicians who were formerly part of one nation and show that music can still understand the Slovaks," says Fort.

This event is organized LEVEL B PRODUCTION, Ltd.