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Antonín Dvořák
The most famous Czech opera in dance rendition

The story of unfulfilled desire water fairies, human conflict and the supernatural world, the contrast of elements and characters with Antonín Dvořák succeeded in expressing in vivid, almost impressionist music filled with endless melodic imagination. The poetic libretto by Jaroslav Kvapil based on the fairy tale The Little Mermaid. In the body of the opera meet the effects of symbolism and decadence. These artistic trends are reflected in the use of many symbols (blood, dumbness), but also in rendering the relationship prince and Rusalka. Prince still loves an etheric vision, their love affair is so utterly broken and impossible. The final meeting, at which the Prince in Rusalka voluntarily accepts the kiss of death, is the interconnection of motives erotična and death. The most famous and most beautiful Czech opera, this time you will see quite unusual in dance rendition. The challenging task for the first time to transfer the work to the body language befriends the chief ballet company Robert Balogh.

Libretto: Robert Balogh by Jaroslav Kvapil

Choreography and direction: Robert Balogh

Assistant choreographer: Renata Mrózková Dana Krajevskaja Jelena Iliina

Scene: Jan Dusek

Costumes: Roman Šolc


     Rusalka: Irina Lapteva / Karolina Zarach
     Prince Louis Marin Delavaud / Arkadiusz Orlowski
     Vodník: Damani Campbell Williams / Ivo Jambor
     Witch: Renata Mrózková / Jelena Iliina
     Foreign Princess: Yui Kyotani / Sara-Maria Richter
     Unicorn: Sara-Maria Richter / Yui Kyotani
     First forest nymph: Yui Kyotani / Sara-Maria Richter
     Second forest nymph: Catherine Iranová
     3rd woodland nymph: Svatava Pořízková
     Month: Luke Cenek / Damani Campbell Williams
     Cougars - helpers Witch: Ján Kočík / Leopold Guadagno
     Hunters - solo: Patryk Mielewczyk / Luke Cenek
     Hunters - Choir: Dmitry Savakov / Goh Shibata / Lukasz Przeszpolewski / Francis Topič / Domenico Piscopo
     Ghosts Lake - women: Dita Salayová / Natalia Serebryakova / Lucie Martináková - Hloužková / Lenka Kuznetsova / Zsok Tallósiová / Michael Tsepeleva Hot / Sylva Pospíšilová / Marina Bull
     Ghosts of the lake - Men: Lukasz Przeszpolewski / Francis Topič / Dmitry Savakov / Goh Shibata / Patryk Mielewczyk / Jan Kočík / Domenico Piscopo / Leopold Guadagno
     Rusalka - Choir: Marina Bull / Isabell Weigner / Michael Tsepeleva Hot / Sylva Pospíšilová / Ema Krajčírová
     Bludičky: Sylva Pospíšilová / Michael Tsepeleva Hot / Isabell Weigner / Svatava Pořízková / Sara-Maria Richter / Yui Kyotani