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18 to 23 10th 2014

The theme of the 7th annual "music at the Apocalypse"

For the seventh time the October 18 to 23 held in Olomouc Days of Jewish Culture. Festival, which varied program consisting of lectures, discussions, concerts, theater performances and film recalls the important role played by the Jewish community in shaping European culture, this year will focus mainly on music. Motto "Music at the time of the apocalypse" by the organizers of the Olomouc Museum of Art highlights the power of music in times that are detrimental to human existence itself. The festival will open on Saturday, October 18 Czech Prime Minister Viktor Ullmann's opera The Fall of the Antichrist in the Moravian Theatre.

Viktor Ullmann, whose opera The Fall of the Antichrist in the staging of operas and operettas file Moravian Theatre led by director JA Pitínský festival on Saturday, Oct. 18 indicate by Jeništa was the most prominent representative of a generation of composers whose tragic fate determined by World War II and the Holocaust.

Music at the time of the apocalypse, however, the festival program is seen from a different angle. Film section, prepared by the Centre for Jewish Studies UP FF, this year focuses on documentaries that follow the Israeli rock or punk scene in the context of the omnipresent war tensions in Israel and throughout the Middle East.

In addition to these events offer the Days of Jewish Culture in Olomouc such as concert pianist and composer Mark Keprta, biographical tragicomedy Theaters teddy bear Hugo Haas returns or performance klezmer band Flying Rabbi. Detailed information about the festival, over which the patrons Israeli Ambassador to the Czech Republic's Gary Koren, Minister of Culture Daniel Herman, President of the Olomouc Region and Mayor George Rozbořil city of Olomouc Major Martin, candidates will find on the websites and pages Olomouc Museum of Art (

Days of Jewish Culture Museum of Art held in 2014 in Olomouc, Olomouc Jewish Community Center and Jewish Studies Kurt and Ursula Schubert FF UP, in close cooperation with the Moravian Theatre Olomouc. Last year it was attended by nearly two thousand spectators.


18th 10th (Saturday)
19:00 Moravian Theatre Olomouc
Viktor Ullmann: The Fall of the Antichrist (Der Sturz des Antichrist)
The first stage of the opera by Viktor Ullmann in the Czech Republic and only the third in the world in an ensemble opera and operetta Moravian Theatre Olomouc will take place on the day of the 70th anniversary of the tragic death of the author in Auschwitz.
Musical arrangement Miloslav Oswald
Directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský
Sets and costumes and Susan Thomas Rusin

19th 10th (Sunday)
17:00 Mozart, Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum
FOREIGN passengers Viktor Ullmann
Invitation to a lively discussion on Prague's most important composers of the first half of the 20th century, which in Czech music dwells operation is still somewhat "black", authors Olomouc staging Fall of the Antichrist and the two front "ullmannologové": Miloslav Oswald (Olomouc), Vlasta Reittererová (Vienna) and Marcus Gerhardts (Stuttgart).
Hosted by Wanda Dobrovská - music editor of Czech Radio 3 - Vltava.
In cooperation with a specialized library Biblioteca Enigmatica (Olomouc), in which the edition is based on a translation of the libretto Alberta Steffen and Ullmannův diary in verse Foreign passenger.
(Discuss with the Czech and German with translation)

19:00 Mozart, Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum
KE distant stars 11
Olomouc concert pianist, composer, musicologist and educator Mark Keprta, in which in addition to the music of Viktor Ullmann sounds and compositions of Arnold Schoenberg, Gideon Klein, Alexander Scriabin and other composers.

20th 10th (Monday)
17:00 Music Theatre
»GO, Bergel, UDĚLAJ MI Fontana!"
ALFRED BERGEL- Drawings from Terezín
The 70th anniversary of death
OPENING, Lecture
Olomouc native Alfred Bergel (1902-1944) studied at the Academy in Vienna between the wars lived and taught drawing. In 1942, the whole family was deported to the Terezin concentration camp, where he was his drawing talent unscrupulous abused for propaganda purposes. Bergel joined in the rich cultural life in the ghetto, lectured, gave free lessons drawings, followed by numerous friendships. 16th 10th 1944 he was deported infamous artists transport to Auschwitz, where he died the same day.
The exhibition presents Bergelovy Terezin drawings, photographs and facsimiles from the collections of the Terezín Memorial, Washington Holocaust Museum, Sydney Jewish Museum and Archives of Karl König, Berlin. Behind the project is the American-German researcher Anne-Katrin Weise and produced in close collaboration with the Institute of Karl König, Berlin. The opening lecture is about the author and exclusive performances Bergelovy monograph.

19:00 Music Theatre
USA, 2012, 60 minutes Director: Jesse Zook Mann
American film documents how a Hasidic punk rockers, street artists Yiddish, African American Jewish activists and other musicians in the 21st century coping with Judaism. About their experiences and feelings of rebellion against the traditional conception of Judaism tells Yishai, frontman Moshiah Oi, members of the African-American hip hop group of Jewish Y-love and other artists.

Israel, 2000, 55 minutes Directed by: Izzy Abrahami and Erga Netz
It is possible through rock or pop music lyrics understand how to live in Israel? Can I use music and texts to feel human diversity, the desire for peace, pain and disillusionment of war? Each of the songs used in the document attempts to answer and to capture some of the main issues that people live in Israel - from politics to poverty, from dreams to attempt a better future. This documentary has won the highest award at the festival Monte Carlo Television Festival 2,001th

21st 10th (Tuesday)
17:00 Mozarteum, Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum
VLASTA Reittererová: Viktor Ullmann in the context of the times A SECOND LIFE OF HIS WORKS
Viktor Ullmann (1898-1944) belonged to a generation of artists whose lives ended violently National Socialism and its racial theory. In many cases, composers have been destroyed or irretrievably lost and work. The more valuable they are creative documents that remained. Viktor Ullmann was a strong personality interwar culture and music as he spent most of his life in Czechoslovakia, moved between three or four cultures - German (Austrian), Czech and Jewish. Lecture musicologist, music critic and translator Vlasty Reittererová addresses these focal points of the composer's works, major milestones of his tragic fate and the rediscovery and appreciation of his work.

19:00 Music Theatre
Israel, 2003, 74 minutes, directed by Tomer Heymann
Israeli rock icon Aviv Geffen scene is the grandson of the legendary Moshe Dayan. He was also the last person who hugged Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin before him, was assassinated. The locket captures the charismatic bi-sexual singer and songwriter, who is in his country joined Jim Morrison. Tomer Heymann got the camera in close proximity talented artist and has created a unique personality confession, which became the idol of his generation.

Israel, 2011, 52 minutes, directed by Gili Gaon
The documentary follows the contemporary Israeli rock musician Dudu Tassouna that belongs in the footsteps of his grandfather, Dauda al-Kuwaiti. He was with his brother in the 30's one of the most successful musicians of Iraq and to this day is considered the founder of modern Iraqi music. The film not only reveals the personal history of these renowned musicians, but also brings the conflict Ashkenazi and Oriental cultures (Mizrachi) from the fifties of the 20th century, when Jews from Middle Eastern countries collectively went to the newly established State of Israel.

22nd 10th (Wednesday)
19:30 Theatre Music
Theatre teddy bear
Hugo Haas returns home. Secretly. No one knows, not even himself. It is dead, and his ashes smuggled one woman in socialist Czechoslovakia. Legendary comedian travels in a can of biscuits and perhaps exceedingly fun.
Hugo Haas returns not only as ashes. Returns in our memories alive and healthy self-deprecating.
The production attempts to transfer, or return the fate of the legendary Czech comic where it belongs - on stage; large and small, are trying to bring this persona nepamětníkům, especially young viewers, who with personality actor Hugo Haase might still be met.

23rd 10th (Thursday)
17:00 Mozarteum, Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum
Lecture musicologist Milan Kuna is devoted to musical activities in the context of operational art and culture in the Theresienstadt ghetto in which she was imprisoned a number of excellent composers - Ullmann, Beauty, Haas, Klein and Reiner. They were all in the autumn of 1944 they were deported to Auschwitz with the exception of the latter did not survive extermination camp. Under difficult conditions, however, composing and production, which has been preserved, among other things, is an excellent testimony to how a person zdeptanému imprisonment, culture helps preserve human dignity.

30th 10th (Thursday)
19:30 Theatre Music
Flying Rabbi
Pub U Rabbi
The ancient and enchanting melodies of Jewish weddings, unique songs in Yiddish often accompanied by unusually current Czech variant.
At our festival is well known five-member ensemble plays klezmer Flying Rabbi - traditional instrumental music of Eastern European Jews who experienced the biggest boom in the second half of the 19th century. The band tries to authentic interpretation of the old-world charm and contemporary energy.