Archive: Tajemné dálky- Symbolismus v českých zemích 1880–1914


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Mysterious distance | Symbolism in the Czech Lands 1880-1914

6th 11th 2014 - 22, the second in 2015
The Museum of Modern Art | Vaulted Hall

Bilek, Svabinský, Hlavacek, Mucha, Preisler, ginger, Váchal - it is just a fragment enumeration of the essential figures of Czech art you encounter in the exhibition, which will present an unusually comprehensive set specific part of the art scene, influenced by symbolism. Dating of the exhibition is notionally framed opening of the National Theatre and the First World War. In thematically arranged units will be presented separately for the first time the phenomenon of Czech symbolism through significant works from the collections of public institutions and private collections not only in Czech Republic but also in Germany and Norway. Co-organizer of exhibitions and extensive publication is also co Arbor vitae. The project has an international character. Intimate version of Olomouc Exhibition organizers prepared under the name of rulers dreams for the International Center of Culture in Krakow (5.6 - 7 September 2014).