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MOVE fest: Riders & Supernaturals

Thursday, November 13 19:00

Lenka Vágnerová & Company / ME-SA

contemporary dance

New Stage

Tickets will be available at Ticketportal. Opening sales will be announced on the website facebookových MOVE Ostrava.


Concept and choreography: Lenka Vagnerová

Music: Ivan Acher

Performed by Markéta Frösslová / Tereza Voříšková, Andrea Opavská, Ladislav Cmorej / Stephen Pechar, Tomáš Červinka, Radoslav Piovarči

Designer: Anna Solilová, Lenka Vagnerová

Costumes: Anna Solilová, Sarah Voříšková

Lighting design: David Alcorta Ruiz and Michal Cross

Graphics: Jan Mikes

Acknowledgements: Hana Bumbová, Josef Neufus, Zdeněk Janáček, Henry Hes, Prim. MD. Vitezslav Hradil, Peter Major, Tom, Catherine Mikynová

Dedicated Svatava Klenovská

Premiere: 13 and 14 November 2012 Ponec Theatre (Praha)

Dance production 2013

Nominations for the 2013- dancer Andrea Opavská and Tomáš Červinka

Nominations for lighting design - Michal Cross

Birds as silent observers on the ground stories are exceptional, the world lies in a different plane. They have always been a part of mythology, religion and spiritual people. They are really "Riders" in the sense of free and unrestricted movement on the planet. Or we "Riders" my people, who are able, within hours irreversibly destroy everything around us? Inspiration is an endless world of birds and their empire worthy of admiration.

Riders Project reveals the theme of tolerance, the ability of humans to exist in a symbiotic relationship with other living organisms on our planet. Respect the realm of all beings, to appreciate the uniqueness of species and try to preserve them.

"Specific physical quality of the individual parts, dynamics and power of movement groups, finding physical limits of his own body, precision detail and interplay with music for me are the basis for the creation of images bearing the theme presentation." Lenka Vagnerová


Concept, choreography and interpretation: Martina Hajdyla Lacová and Stano Dobák

Light design: Stano Dobák

Physical and assistant director: Peter Saul

Production: ME-SA o.s. - Carolina Hejnová

With the support of City Hall, Ministry of Culture, Artist Foundation

Two completely ordinary mortals they decide to become superheroes. Can their coexistence to remain so super? The uniqueness of the characters in the belief change, rescue, hypocrisy and attempts to play something that in no case. Physical gripping moments fictional superhuman strength. Heroism in the form of ordinary mortals, who must sometimes draw his secret weapon.

After the performance, the evening will continue with the introduction of Super / naturals (ME-SA) and subsequently will be discussion with the performers.

The performance is part MOVE fest Ostrava in 2014, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Ostrava.