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Thursday, the 30th říjen19: 00
Echoes small inventory of 2014
New Stage Theatre

On this show, you can buy a ticket "DOUBLE" or "DOUBLE STUDENT" which also applies to the performance of "Push the button" that will be part of the Echoes Small inventory stated November 6, 2014 at 19:00

European Centre for Roma music in Prague in collaboration with scenographer and designer Teresa Sléhová scenic shape represents the interface copyright puppet performances, performance art and music clip.

The work was based on the experience of drawings and ideas collected during the study period in Oslo and their confrontation with the Czech attitude. "Gallery tour of" animated paintings smoothes the original music of George Korman and directorial hand Dany gulls are both leading figures of the European Association of Roma music center in Prague.

Author: Tereza Sléhová

Performers: Tereza Sléhová, George Korman

Director: Dana Račková

Music: George Korman

The project is part of the dramaturgy of the new network in 2014