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Grains: Follow coyote

Wednesday, December 10 19:00

Price: 180.00Kč


New Stage

The band Zrní arrives within a tour of their new album "Follow coyote", which was released on the 12th 9th 2014th

Zrní new recording again confirms the status of the band with a unique, original sound, which forms its own musical world, regardless of fashion trends.

"The world of our new board is darker, more hlubinnej. The whole album theme connects the passage between reality and another world, in a dream, somewhere, in a corner of the brain, in time, in silence all the roar and disgust. Passages streams and the cracks between the blocks of flats, fog. Between reality and a different state of consciousness, "says the inspiration for the song singer John Unger.

Same tour takes place for domestic and Slovak clubs in nearly thirty cities and will last until December.

The band's concert Zrní tip, which sold out clubs and regularly performs at the biggest Czech and Slovak festivals. Since they are difficult to classify themselves to himself invented "the box", which is probably the most captures. "Corn is a game artbrut gentle, kladenskej uhelnej zen".

If you want to hear, Follow coyote ..