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Is it still art?

Entertainment program for 2nd grade elementary and secondary schools to the permanent exhibition A Century of relativity

12th to 19th 2014

The Museum of Modern Art

Participants in the program will try to answer the provocative question: Is it still art? Museum educators often ask her own students that come into contact s modern and contemporary art for the first time. Pupils and students will seek the leadership of the museum educator best to answer this question by examining the work of Jiří David, Grygar Milan, Milan Kunc, Jan Knap, Zdenek Sykora and Magdalena Abakanowicz. Artistic approaches these artists are very different. Yet it is something essential in common. And we will try to identify through practical work in the studio and the exhibition itself.

Length of program: 90 minutes
Trainer: David Hrbek,, .: tel 585514213